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Where You Can Elevate Your Communication With Your Patients.

Naturally, Your Patients’

Wellbeing Is Your Top Priority

You’re in the business of making people better and keeping them as healthy as possible. The trouble is, that’s not your only job. When it comes to the healthcare industry, you’ve always got a million and one things to do, in addition to your primary focus – keeping people healthy – and it can be really hard to balance all your responsibilities and keep the ship afloat.

Typically, One Of The Main Areas That Healthcare Establishments Struggle To Keep At A High Standard Is Their Communication With Their Patients.

Whether it’s letting them know the opening hours, how the appointments work or what other services there are available, this isn’t easy information to convey for the simple reason that all your doctors and nurses are incredibly busy, and your administration staff are up to their eyeballs too.

That’s Where We Come In.

Up until now, healthcare institutions have relied upon relaying information by word of mouth. Which would be fine, if you only had 10 patients.

But you don’t. Typically, healthcare providers have thousand of patients to deal with every single day, and consequently, trying to communicate with them can be pretty chaotic.

With Patient Direct, those problems disappear. Imagine if you had a way to easily inform and educate your patients about the things that really matter.

Since 1999, we’ve been helping healthcare providers to elevate their communication with their patients by providing them with message-enabled LCD screens for their waiting rooms. These screens aren’t just any old screens, but technologically advanced digital screens that allows healthcare providers to:

Typically, One Of The Main Areas That Healthcare Establishments Struggle To Keep At A High Standard IsTheir Communication With Their Patients.


Improving Your 

Patient's Experience!

You’ll be improving your patients’ experience in your waiting room. In addition to the educational content and operational information we broadcast on your screen, we also show carefully selected messages from local sponsors which allows us to fund the project.

Naturally we’re very careful about the sponsors we allow visibility on the screens – their message must be cohesive and consistent with the healthy lifestyle that we are all trying to promote, but we also like to ensure that they are local, community-based sponsors too.

After All, Our Goal Is To Improve The Lives Of Everyone Within Your Community

If you share the same vision, we should talk. Come on board with Patient Direct and your patients could be benefitting from better communication, improved advice and useful community information.

If You’d Like To Take Advantage Of This No-Brainer Opportunity And Be One Of The First Healthcare Providers In The Area To Start Reaping The Benefits Of This Technology, Be Sure To Register Your Interest.