5 Major Influencers of Healthcare Digital Signage Advertising in 2016

What has your marketing team accomplished for 2015? What did you learn?


2016 is here. And before you know it, you’re halfway through another year again. The actual passing of a year isn’t as life-stopping monumental as one might expect.

Your business rivals won’t stop. The healthcare needs of people don’t stop. The need to promote your services and get leads doesn’t stop. Even if healthcare marketing has a reputation for poor adaptability because of regulations and legal mumbo-jumbo, it’s still a non-stop, continuously evolving industry. It’s not immune to change. And that’s exactly what every year brings — change.

Changes to Anticipate in the US Healthcare Industry

  • Your Customers are Your Patients AND their Relatives

Before, a healthcare provider’s main responsibility is to his patients. Now, it has widened to include the patient’s loved ones. And they also expect consumer-type of service similar to what you’d expect in the retail and tourism industry. For a healthcare facility to thrive, they need to provide good customer service, educate patients, have excellent facilities, and top-notch doctors — on top of helping patients get better.

For advertisers, this means ramping up ads with educational content. Not just promotional fluff. Creating a digital signage ad for a vitamin? That ad better explain why the body needs that vitamin and what it’s made of, otherwise your audience will just see it as nonsensical promotional stuff. You can’t convince people based on hype alone.

  • Health Literacy is a Top Priority

More and more businesses in the health sector are realizing the benefits of educating their customers. Before, customers would only search for insurance quotes when they were  about to get one. Now, they’re also interested in how-to content about policy types, premium rates, and other health-related information.

With health and life insurance providers, providing more educational content in the form of  brochures, digital signage ads, and online videos, help improve cost savings, drive up enrollment rates, and best of all — improve the policyholder’s health.

  • More Advertising Dollars Spent in Digital Advertising and Digital Signage in 2016

According to eMarketer, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies will invest $1.81 billion in digital media advertising in 2016. They expect both industries to continue the upward trending spend until 2019, when projected spending is at $2.55 billion.

  • Customized Ads Might be the Norm

Yes, dynamic ads are all the rage now. Come 2016, ads might be customized based on user’s behavior because of the sophisticated eye-tracking tools some digital signage screens now have.  

  • Wearable Fitness, Possible Next Medium for Digital Signage

You see digital media advertising on tablets and big billboards. Soon, it’s going to be delivered to the fitness bracelet you’re wearing. It’s unnerving but amazing at the same time. Yes, the number of eyeballs seeing your digital ads will definitely increase, but will it also increase the leads you get? Only time can tell.

Whatever Technology Brings, Online Reputation Still Matters

Word-of-mouth marketing is still your business’s best source for leads, especially in the healthcare sector. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, would you trust a doctor on your first visit unless he was recommended by a friend? Why do moms continuously ask their friends for pedia recommendations?
How’s 2016 treating you so far? Is your digital media advertising strategy all planned out and ready to go?

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