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Patient Direct

Here at Patient Direct, we’ve spent the last 16 years helping healthcare providers all over the world reach out to their patients in real time with free LCD screens in their waiting rooms that communicate messages and engage with patients.

The LCD screens radically improve patient and staff communication, reduce patient irritation and increase education and they’re designed to broadcast the important information you want your patients to see, as well as providing them with useful and relevant information from carefully selected local sponsors.

Since We Began, We’ve Grown Rapidly Across Six Countries, Building Up An Impressive Network of 2,000 Screens in Healthcare Establishments.

We’re Definitely Doing Something Right.


Although we’ve ‘gone global’, we’ve worked extremely hard to stick to our core values – we’re a local, family-run business and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent messages that truly help communities. That’s never going to change.

By doing our bit to improve patients’ experience of healthcare and our work with local sponsors, we really are doing all we can to reach our goal of improving the lives of everyone within your community.

To Talk To Us About How We Can Help You Help Your Patients, Register Your Interest, And One Of Our Experienced Healthcare Advisors Will Call You Back