Frequently Asked


Got A Question? Here Are Some Of The Ones We Get Most:

Q. Can we have our own content?

Yes!  As well as offering generic information for your screen our in-house designers can create specific information slides for you.

Q. So Patient Direct Includes A TV Screen.

Will It Be Really Loud And Disturb My Patients?

No. Our screens are purely visual, with no audio element, so your patients won’t be disturbed.

Q. Can Any Type Of Sponsor Advertise On Our Screens?

We are, understandably, extremely careful about the sponsors that we allow to advertise with Patient Direct. Our goal is to improve the lives of people in your community and for that reason we will ensure that no material will be advertised that could be considered as oppositional or detrimental to the service you Provide.

Q. Can We Choose Where Our Screen Goes?

Yes. Before the installation takes place you will be involved in the decision of where best to place the screen.

Q. Does The System Stay On All Day And All Night?

The system is programmed to be on when you’re open. So if you’re open 24 hours a day and you’ve got patients coming in, then Yes, it’ll stay on all day and all night, but rest assured, it won’t be on and using your resource if there aren’t patients to benefit from it.

Q. Who Else Is Using This System?

Since we started back in 1999, more and more health centres have been keen to use our unique services, and these days we serve over 2,000 establishments in six different countries. We’re a company with Global ability, but with A local mindset.

By Doing Our Bit To Improve Patients’ Experience Of Healthcare And Our Work With Local Sponsors, We Really Are Doing All We Can To Reach Our Goal Of Improving The Lives Of Everyone Within Your Community.

To Talk To Us About How We Can Help You Help Your Patients, Register Your Interest, And One Of Our Experienced Healthcare Advisors Will Call You Back